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2015Geist5KCourseMap-page-001St.Vincent Geist 5K Race Information

The 5K takes place on May 16, 2015, the same day as the St.Vincent Geist Half Marathon; and utilizes the same start and finish line as the Half Marathon. Both the 5K and the Half Marathon will start at 7:00 a.m. The 5K will carry a 54-minute time limit  for completion. Runners and walkers in the 5K receive many of the same benefits as the participants in the Half Marathon, including:

  • Aid stations serving water and Gatorade Endurance on the course
  • 5K features wave start
  • Entertainment along the course
  • Exclusive packet pick-up area
  • A short-sleeved 5K T-shirt
  • A post-race party

Starting Information

The 5K staging area (where to go while the Half Marathon is started) is located on Olio Road, north of Lakeridge Drive. The 5K race will start at the same time as the Half Marathon on the northbound lane of Olio Road (east side).

The 5K will utilize corral starts to increase the enjoyment for all participants. For the 5K corral start, please line up in the corral that corresponds to the letter on your race bib. A corral start consists of many staggered starts of small groups instead of one giant start for all participants. Each corral has its own start with a short “time cushion” between each corral. This ensures a much less congested race route. In short, a corral start creates a safer, more enjoyable experience for all participants. Please arrive at the starting area early.

You must line up in your correct corral. There will be wave patrol personnel to enforce the integrity of the corrals.

Can I still run with my friends or training partner?

The corrals are set up to allow you to run with your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors or the fellow runner you met just that morning. Any participant can move BACK in the corrals. For example, if you are assigned to corral A and your friend is in corral G, you can simply line up in corral G at the start. Participants can only move back in corrals, never forward.


Medical support during the St.Vincent Geist Half Marathon and 5K will be provided by health care professionals from St.Vincent and Fishers Fire Department. Medical assistance will be available at each water station along the route providing medical assistance as needed. A fully-equipped medical facility will be located near the finish line. Participants requiring medical assistance may be transported to one of the nearby hospitals, and will be billed by the hospital and ambulance provider. Participants must give on-scene medical personnel the freedom to determine which facility will be utilized.

IMPORTANT: Each participant must complete the medical information form on the back of your bib number. Please take time to fill out your medical information and provide emergency contact information. This will make your important health care information available to health care professionals in the event you are unable to communicate with them.

Mile Markers & Split Times

Each mile marker will have a large display clock that will indicate the running time of the event. These display clocks will show the time from the official start of the race, not your personal “tag time”. A system has been developed to display the mile marker sign, clock and colored warning flag (see flag warning system). As you go by each mile, you will see an information station providing you with the status of the race. As you look at this station, you will know where you are on the course, the official race time and race conditions.

Course Entertainment

The St.Vincent Geist 5K course features entertainment groups along the way.

Water and Gatorade Aid Stations

There will be water and Gatorade (Gatorade Endurance Formula) stations along the 5K course at the following locations:

  • Mile 1.5 (Water & Gatorade)
  • Finish Line

Restroom Facilities

Portable toilets will be added in locations throughout the course. The portable toilets will be located at each water station.

Course Closings

For your safety and for the timely reopen of the streets to vehicular traffic, you must reach key locations by specified times or you will be required to take transportation provided.

Partial lane closures will be utilized. Please stay inside the cones and obey all public safety officers and course marshals. PLEASE DO NOT START EARLY! Traffic and safety rules prohibit early starts. Early starters will be eliminated from the Official Results. If you cannot maintain an 16-minute per mile pace, you will be required to board the support buses.

SAG (Support) Wagon and Back of the Pack Crew

The Back of the Pack Crew and SAG Wagon will signify the end of the field and the maximum 16-minutes per mile pace. They will not start timing until the last person crosses the start line and will be with you throughout the race. If you cannot keep pace, the Crew will help you as you board the SAG Wagon.

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